Cosmic Esoteric aims to channel the timeless beauty of humanity’s collective vision into patterns and shapes

I sell my designs in markets along the canal from my boat, the Queen Mab. The art objects I sell from my boat are designed and made by me. I do drawings, paintings and sculpture from my boat, overlooking the water. I print in my studio, and construct clothing there too. If you can’t make it to one of my markets (for information on these, go to you can also buy my designs from various online retailers. I get a percentage of the amount paid, but that’s because they do the production! It’s an easy way to get my designs to a wider audience, especially if you live far away. I have had repeat orders of a “duck” design from a mystery customer in the USA, which is flattering but also a bit ominous! If you want to order anything specific which is handmade by me (perhaps you met me at a market and I didn’t have your size there) please also feel free to email me: < Look! It’s my boat name in my email! Only I removed the queen bit and put Q for code because I use that email for professional stuff and I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea… Just to update everyone, I am redesigning my website and am removing the “shop” section, and instead my website will become more of a “look-book”. Browse my designs and online shop through the links to my profile at other retailers below: