Cosmic Esoteric aims to channel the timeless beauty of humanity’s collective vision into patterns and shapes

Stephanie Cosmic Esoteric is a:

Gift shop product designer and producer

Conceptual artist and sometimes curator

Psychedelic clothing designer and pattern designer (digital: adobe illustrator, photoshop)

Reworker of clothes (recycling)

T-shirt printer (screen, sublimation)

Bespoke costume designer (with skills in hand-sewing and millinery)


Aesthetic researcher in (currently) Mid Century Modern Design and Folk Decoration (I can give you interior design advice)

Pottery designer and maker

Boater with a boat shop on the Queen Mab


For information on boat markets, go to Also follow me on instagram: cosmic_esoteric

I have a small amount of designs on various online retailers, but much more exist behind the scenes.  Browse through the links below and also see examples in the photographs as you scroll down this page. 

I am always designing and producing new products and am interested in taking on commissions and wholesale orders, if you would like to discuss this please email me: [at] gmail .com 

The Queen Mab Boat Gift Shop (

Buy vintage clothes from me at:

Boat trading on the towpath from my narrowboat
“Shabba’s old boat”
“In Boaters We Trust”
Castle Painting
“Boat world”
Daisy pony
Wildflower Seeds
Bee Love! Spread Your Seed!
Trading: Victoria Park, Hackney, 2019
Hackney, London
Cosmic Esoteric

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