The Past

In a previous life, Cosmic Esoteric was known as Hello Number One. There were three specific moments in which Hello Number One came into being. There was a time when HNO curated an exhibition called Performance and Documentation, which endeavoured to be a functional processing machine for performative and recorded art works. See

Hello Number One later became a fashion designer and time transporter to the band Princes in the Tower, where for one performance at Chelsea College of Art and Design, the band wore bespoke, made to measure clothes (made from their visions of the perfect ensemble, collected in drawings) made entirely by HNO. The Princes were then transported in time to the future past, via a tapestry depicting an ancient land of rivers, red boats and a stone amphitheatre. They played a set to guests who were part of the Utopographies research group of Chelsea staff, research students and alumni.

Then, HNO attempted a political takeover of a much besmirched location within Shoreditch, where it was declared a State had been formed within the confines of an art exhibition. Head over to Facebook to find out more about the assertive enclosure of my people.